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Player interface

You want to be better and play with the best ?


Team interface

You want be better with your communication and management ?


Organization interface

You want be better in your organisation and team management like pros ?


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For players

We make available players, the only ones or in team, innovative tools dedicated to their personal trainings to improve to become stronger.

Identify your level

Train yourself with adapted trainings

Play with friends

Search the best team for you

For teams

All the tools developed by Esport Management are dedicated to the improvement of the communication and the organization of the game(set,play) in team.

Search players with a specific role

Online strategies tools with steps

Manage your travels

Manage dynamicaly your calendar

For organizations

An organisation have to be organized and operational to allow their players of performance artist as good as possible. Esport Management developed tools adaptable to every organisation !

Manage budget for your teams

Export PDF of your activities

Souscription insurance helper

Detect your level of notoriety

For partners

Esport Management surrounds himself with only beneficial partners for the players, the teams and present structures on the web site. The partner can manage his products and services(departments) thanks to a completely customizable interface !

Sell your products and services in our marketplace

Book locations as announcer

Get a better visibility with players

Be known on all the continents

Some stats

20738 Players
2276 Teams
688 Organizations
37 Partners

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Esport Management is a web platform dedicated to manage an esport team. Thanks to this platform you can manage easily and efficiently a noob, semi-professionnal or professional team.


  • Jeux de Sophia : ZANG ZANG Team wins our LAN !
  • Jeux de Sophia : We organize the 1st esport LAN of the French Riviera
  • ESM : New identity In progress...
  • ESM : The administrative center has its own office!
  • ESM : Marketing & Communication's Team has its own office from now on

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